How google can tell you which is the best dating site in your area

Best dating site

Which is the best dating site by member numbers?

In the dating industry one of the key factors that determines whether a dating service is going to be a) successful and b) useful for its members, is the number of singles who are actively using it. To a large extend, the best dating site is the site with most singles on it, or at least most singles within your age, interest group and local area.

This should be easy to discover, but in point of fact it’s something that many dating agencies are far from transparent about. A service may state its total membership numbers, but this is likely to be over its entire existence and actually doesn’t tell you how popular their service is right now. Virtually never do you see a service publishing its regional membership numbers, but this is precisely what you need to know if you are living outside of the major urban centers.

So how can the consumer discover what the best dating site in their locality is? Well firstly, this is exactly the question that dating-experts was set up to answer and we are constantly striving to improve levels of transparency on this issue. Not least by doing our own localized calculations and recommendations for different parts of the UK and publishing them here.

Much of our research into which are the best dating sites is based on search volumes and visitor numbers rather than on information we have received from the companies themselves. Based on this we present below the top five dating sites by estimated member numbers in the UK. This does not necessarily make them the best dating sites. There are other factors. However, it is a major contributor to quality and one that we hope will be of interest. These numbers are for UK, but we will be publishing more and more lists for local areas only, based on the same methodologies.