Snapchat dating

snapchat dating

Snapchat has been around some time now, but interest in the app - where your passing thoughts or urges are not recorded forever - continues to grow. Dating and flirting with snapchat has always been popular with those who use it. It doesn’t take long to see the advantages of chatting to dates on snapchat versus other instant messaging sites and although snapchat is not really set up as somewhere to meet other singles, it is increasingly used as a preferred medium of communication between them once they’ve started a conversation.

Snapchat dating leaves no embarrassing traces

Talk about dating on snapchat and people immediately assume you’re looking to exchange naughty and compromising pictures without the danger of having them come back to haunt you. However, the added security and comfort of dating on snapchat goes way beyond this most obvious of uses. When we talk or flirt most comfortably, we do so safe in the knowledge that no one is recording our every word. By comparison we have to be more cautious when instant messaging. Even though the format feels very conversational the fact that we’re being recorded can inhibit conversations unnecessarily. Snapchat does away with this fear to some extent. With snapchat we know that if we say something a bit stupid it won’t be recorded for posterity. In the words of snapchat’s co-founder and CEO Evan Spiegel: “Keeping secrets gives you space to change your mind, until you’re really sure that you’re right,”

Snapchat brings more fun to online encounters

Aside from anonymity, snapchat’s unique offer for daters is the fun format. It’s very easy to swap pictures and create little speech bubbles and send selfi’s and get into picture swapping conversations. Snapchat really encourages a more imaginative form of communication between its users in a way that is particularly helpful in a dating context (where, lets face it, early online chats can be a little stilted). A text only message exchange is all too likely to revolve around questions about what you do and where you come from, but a snapchat flirtation might well involve purely an exchange of facial expressions or gestures.

Snapchat dating is getting bigger

More and more people seem to be using snapchat as a dating tool. You can see this just with a quick look at the growth in the number of people who search for “snapchat dating” in google. Google trends shows that this search term has doubled in popularity since last year. While it’s not necessarily set up to be the first point of contact between singles online, it is ever more used as a secondary dating communication platform – in other words the place people direct one another to, to continue a conversation.