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Parship is a personality focused matchmaking service for people looking for long term love. It offers one of the most thorough and effective personality matching services on the market.

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You don’t have to pay any money to try Parship out. You can register and get your personality profile entirely free. Then if you are still interested in the service, you can commit to monthly membership fees.

About Parship

Parship is a traditional matching service that focuses on in depth personality profiling and long term prospects. The focus is on ‘matching personalities’ and providing customers with a select number of partner recommendations, with whom they should have a good chance of successfully forming a relationship.

The registration process takes 20 minutes to complete and includes the famous Parship Personality Test. This asks questions around - what Parship considers - core elements in compatibility. These include measures of your personality strengths, analysis of your tendencies and aspirations and measures of things like conventionality and desire for domesticity. The super computer back at Parship then does the math and churns out a graphically illustrated personality report for each and every registrant. (This part is free, so you can get your hands on this without paying a penny).

This personality report is then the basis by which you are matched with others on the site. Parship provides you with a list of recommended partners to choose from. You also have the chance to reorganise this list yourself by playing with the search functions, broadening or narrowing your search criteria.

The site has a fairly traditional layout that is pleasant and each to navigate. 

Parship is a well-established dating company that was set up on the continent and is headquartered in Hamburg in Germany.

You can join Parship for free, but to communicate effectively with your matches you need to upgrade to a paid for service. Prices start from around £20 per month.

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Parship at a glance.


Does a lot of the work for you, You need less time to search through profiles yourself.

Smart service, largely aimed at slightly older and better educated.


Not the right site if you want a date the same day. It takes a while to register and to start to see your matches coming in. 


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