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SingleMuslim is the popular destination for Muslims in the UK seeking long term love

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About SingleMuslim claims to be ‘run by Muslims for Muslims’. This statement is backed up by the fact that the service was founded by Adeem Younis, a Tunisian born Muslim who set up the service as a means of offering alternatives to arranged marriages for his community. The statement is also bolstered by the content and style of the page, that is clearly sensitive to the particular needs of the Muslim community. It is clear at a glance that SingleMuslim is a lot more than just a white label niche.

SingleMuslim is a global site with branches in Pakistan, the UK and America. It pitches itself as performing the traditional ‘arranged marriage’ role for young people, but putting them more in control of their own destinies. The focus is exclusively on searches for long term partners and, more specifically, marriage prospects. So if casual hook ups are what you’re interested in, then this site is not for you.

It is also refreshing to see the service lay out its terms of service very clearly on the front page. It is free to register, but to exchange messages you have to sign up for their subscription package.

Claiming over a million members and with a whole youtube channel of success videos, is the no1 destination if your are looking for a Muslim only match.

SingleMuslim at a glance.


Dedicated site for single muslims

A genuine niche service for a specific community


Very specific purpose. If you are not looking to get married, this site is probably not for you.


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