Mr Right

Mr Right

5 Top Tips for Attracting Mr Right and staying safe online

Guest Post by Strictly Dating

Recent research claims that as many as 200,000 UK singles have had their hearts broken by dating scams. Here’s our tips for attracting Mr Right while defending yourself from Mr Wrong.

  1. Research

Whatever your dating goals – from finding a casual relationship to a long-term partner - always research a site before you sign up. Whether you are interested in a large site with a huge number of potential matches, or a smaller niche site that specializes in your favourite hobby always check out their safety credentials. A reputable site will publish their safety policy – and it should include information on how they will protect your personal information and details of safe payment methods.

  1. Don’t give it away

You’ve chosen a site that will protect your personal information so don’t give it away yourself. Choose a catchy nickname instead of using your real name. Never share your birthday or exact location. As you get caught up in the excitement of meeting someone new it can be tempting to share everything but go slow. Consider using your profile nickname to set up an email account for dating messages.

  1. Too compatible?

Remain confident but skeptical as you start to make matches. There are some simple ways to check if a profile is genuine – a picture that looks too good to be true can be matched with Google Image search. Re-read that list of favourite movies a new compatible member has just sent you – are you sure he hasn’t cut and pasted your list? Be wary of anyone who declares love and devotion after just a few messages. Let common sense prevail and always trust your gut instincts.

  1. Avoid the players

Opening yourself up to online dating can also mean opening yourself up to men who may have less than honest intentions. If you are getting plenty of winks and messages but no firm dates then it might be time to raise your online dating game. Be clear in your profile about the things that really matter to you. Make a list of the top three things that you expect Mr Right to share with you – this could be anything from a love of fishing or Sunday lie-ins to career ambition or a close-knit family. Being specific will help Mr Right find you while deterring the players.

  1. Stay positive but balanced

Be conscious of your thought process as you begin online dating. Do you feel like a failure because you are logging on to find love? If so it’s likely that negativity will come across in your online profile and your interactions. The vast majority of members you will come across are bright, interesting and worthwhile with honest intentions. Be positive about your online dating experience – log in daily, reply to messages and keep browsing. Don’t expect love to happen for you – stay active in your search. At the same time don’t put too much importance on your search for Mr Right. Remain balanced and put equal focus on your career, your friends, your hobbies and your family.

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