Mutual Attraction

A more personal approach with Mutual Attraction

Are you getting tired of letting a computer decide who you should be introduced to? Or do you feel that you don’t have time to find the right people? If you live in London and you‘re looking for a service that really does the leg work for you, then you might consider hiring the services of Caroline Brealey and her team at Mutual Attraction. This face-to-face matchmaker promises a genuinely personalized service where staff will get to know you, choose suitable dates for you, and really get involved in your search for love.

Mutual Attraction is pitched at a younger and more middle class demographic than some of its more elite matchmaking competitors. Typically their clients are in their late twenties to forties, have busy lives, perhaps children as well, and don’t have sufficient time for endless browsing and messaging online. Mutual Attraction offers to really do everything for them - bar the dating itself of course - and for clients who want it there is confidence building and successful dating advice to be had as well.

Caroline Brealey told us “It’s a great feeling when you get couples together, but even for those we don’t manage to help the first time, we aim to ensure everyone has a great experience with Mutual Attraction. Dates that they enjoy, and an experience that takes them forward and builds their confidence”

It all starts with an introductory coffee or chat on the phone, where both sides have the opportunity to walk away if they don’t think it will work out. Caroline is quite open about the fact that she does have to turn some people down. “There are of course some people that we can’t help, that we are not the right service for, and we are always honest about this.”

The complete package includes a professional photoshoot and development of your personal profile. From there, the service will set you up with suitable candidates for dates. Mutual attraction claims a 72% success rate for its clients. A typical period of membership lasts around 3 months and costs just under 4 thousand pounds.