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We’re excited to say it doesn’t take long to get to know smart, sexy, professional singles on Academic Singles. Despite a minor usability issue, Academic Singles, with their great set of features and match suggestions, will find you that perfect special someone. Hands down, this is the best site in the UK for finding well educated, determined, and driven singles just like you!

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Our recommendation for more success

Academic Singles’ will let you get a thorough feel for their site and service as a free member, so we suggest you take full advantage of it before deciding to become a paid member.

About Academic Singles

1. Review and Summary of Academic Singles UK

Human beings are naturally drawn towards the idea of finding love and a lifelong partner. In our modern day society, many are turning to dating websites for help finding their special someone. The reason why is very simple – dating websites will find your match based on compatibility of personalities. It’s a system that’s both foolproof and easy to use.

In the UK, you won’t find any site better for finding elite singles than Academic Singles. Read on to see how Academic Singles compares to other dating services on the market according to our practical tests and evaluations. Keep in mind throughout this article that we really do think it is one of the best dating sites for hitching professional, smart, and sexy singles in the UK.

Summary practical test: After our practical test we were confident in our opinion that Academic Singles is an excellent dating service. Contacting other members left little room for disappointment – we received an amazingly high number of positive responses, proving that Academic Singles makes meeting people and finding love quite the easy endeavor. Singles we contacted were smart and professional, but also bubbly and fun to talk to (they seemed very open to meeting new people). Absolutely amazing! Very few dating websites are able to say that they can provide the same.

Summary functions and profiles: The features on Academic Singles definitely get the job done in terms of finding elite singles. However, we do believe that Academic Singles could introduce some new, more unique features as the ones they have in place are quite common among most dating sites. Despite lack of interesting features, we still met lots of awesome singles, so we don’t have much room to complain. Great!

Summary customer friendliness: Academic Singles platform is both appealing and easy to navigate. We do think that thing could be improved in areas of customer service and subscription cancellation, but it’s not that big of a deal in comparison to how great their services are.

Summary value for money: Out of all UK matchmaking sites, Academic Singles by far has the best price-performance ratio. Even just the contact test proves that a paid membership is worth every dime, not to mention the site’s great usability and features. We think that the price vs. performance ratio is more than agreeable!

2. Academic Singles Test

For those who have never really used dating websites, it’s difficult to assess whether or not a dating website is good compared to the competition. That’s why we always give as deep a look into dating websites as we can – to save you your precious time and money!

For testing Academic Singles in the UK, we decided to create both a male and female profile and compare the results. Everything from free features to premium membership was put into consideration, with the contact test being the most heavily examined and prioritized component.

2.1 First Impression of Academic Singles

We got a very good feel from Academic Singles after the first impression. It’s obvious that the Academic Singles offers services which are not only professional but also reputable. The design is quite simplistic while still making the experience interesting. Members are also given any and all information they will need to make the most of their Academic Singles experience.

There was one thing, however, that Academic Singles failed to include during registration. No matter where we looked, we could not find out how much a premium membership at Academic Singles UK would cost. This is quite common practice with dating websites, but it is still something we believe they could improve on more because even after looking through General Terms and Conditions we could not find a single piece of information regarding how much subscription would cost. This is most definitely a huge setback of Academic Singles. To compensate for their mistake, we have their prices listed below.

Picture: Academic Singles UK landing page

2.2 Academic Singles Contact Test

Our contact test will show how easy and fast meeting other members on Academic Singles is. Levels of member activity are crucial for deciding how well a site functions overall. After all, a dating website isn’t really doing its job if you’re not meeting other members. Read on the find Academic Singles’ contact success rate.

Academic Singles: Contact Test Results

>> passive contacts: 34

  • greetings: 0
  • direct messages: 34

>> active contacts: 50

  • greetings: 0
  • positive replies received from greetings: 0
  • direct messages: 50
  • positive replies received from direct messages: 31

Totaling: 65 out of 100 points

Conclusion Contact Test on Academic Singles UK:
The most heavily weighted component of the practical evaluation is the contact test – and the contact test proved amazing results. The 65% success rate makes it obvious that Academic Singles can do what it’s meant to do, and that’s get you to meet elite singles! The contact test proved that having a membership on Academic Singles will allow you to meet interesting singles quickly and easily.

3. Functions and Profiles on Academic Singles

3.1 How will Academic Singles help you?

An initial personality test

After registration is complete users are redirected to a personality test. This 15 minute personality test covers areas such as one’s likes, dislikes, hobbies, and interests. We think Academic Singles does a great job of ensuring their members are able to find someone they are compatible with on a deeper level.

Picture: Part of the Academic Singles UK personality test

Welcoming other users

Once we completed the personality test, we were redirected to a page which asked we come up with a “welcome message”. Be sure to make it catchy, unique, and appealing, as this welcome message is what will draw users into your profile.

Profiles are awesomely simple

After the welcome message has been created, the profile is complete. We love how easy the team at Academic Singles makes it to set up a profile. Academic Singles stands out against other dating websites as you don’t have to waste precious time filling out text field after text field. Instead, you select a couple pre-determined options, and you’re done! Awesome!

Picture: Many additional options to complete your profile

Finding eligible members

If you go to the homepage, you will see a list of suggested members based on your profile and personality test. The list is impressively lengthy and gives you lots of different academic singles to choose from. You can sort the list to see your most compatible matches listed first by selecting the option of Academic-Singles-index.

There are many other ways to find the type of partner you’re looking for as well. The search bar, for example, allows you to narrow your search based on unique characteristics and criteria. This means that your search can be as broad or as particular as you see fit!

Picture: Suggested Matches on Academic Singles

Picture: Compatibility on Academic Singles UK

Making moves

After you find someone who catches your interest, contact them right away with a personal message. There’s no point in waiting – do it ASAP! The beauty of online dating is that if they’re not interested, the screen which separates you limits the awkwardness of the situation. We were disappointed that Academic Singles does not let users communicate via emoticons, pokes, likes, or virtual gifts but decided in the end that these were all extras. A basic messaging system really is all you need to come in contact with other elite singles.

3.2 Academic Singles’ Member Quality

During our experience on Academic Singles, we came across very few fake profiles. It seems that Academic Singles does a very good job staying on top of this issue, which we think is great! We think the number of fake profiles on Academic Singles could be lessened, however, by giving users the option to verify their profile. This is common practice on many other dating websites, either in the form of cell phone, home phone, video, ID, or voice verification and puts of verified symbol on the profiles of those who undergo the process. This way, members can be sure that the person they are talking to is not a fake. We hope that Academic Singles will introduce verified profiles within the near future.

Some profiles on Academic Singles don’t have a picture which is quite disappointing. While this does not go to show that the profiles are fake, it’s not likely you will want to interact with someone without knowing whether or not you’re attracted to them.


  • Fill out all empty spaces. The more you tell others about yourself, the more likely it is someone will find something that they like about you. It also gives other members ideas for how to start a conversation with you.
  • Include lots of pictures. Pictures speak 1000 words, and also invite people to further explore your profile. Without them, chances of making contact are quite slim. Don’t hide that pretty face!

Conclusion Functions and Profiles on Academic Singles UK:
The features on Academic Singles are nothing revolutionary or extensive. Academic Singles keeps things very simple, providing members with only the basics for successful online dating. This being said, the basics provided are of great quality and do not limit members in regards to finding other singles. Not bad at all!

4. Customer Service

The answers to most questions that users may have can be found in Academic Singles’ extensive list of FAQs. The FAQ section is quite easy to find and navigate, but we believe Academic Singles could add to it by providing tips and tricks for online dating and dating in general.

4.1 Contacting Academic Singles’ Customer Service Reps

It seems that Academic Singles does not prioritize giving their members quality customer service. It’s quite difficult to find any contact information when the FAQ page does not suffice, and once you do find it (at the very bottom of the page), it turns out you can only contact Academic Singles by email – no phone number in sight!

We tested out the speed of response through email, however, and found that the team at Academic Singles was quite quick to answer our questions. We still aren’t too happy that we were only given the option to contact them via phone, so we say there’s room for customer service improvement.

4.2 Subscription Cancellation with Academic Singles

It’s quite difficult to cancel a membership with Academic Singles. First off, renewal is set to happen automatically if the membership is not cancelled in time, and on top of that, cancellation is inconveniently difficult!

And so, we caution you: Once you find a partner, cancel your membership ASAP! Otherwise, Academic Singles will bill you again automatically.

In order to cancel, you will need to write a letter stating your decision or cancel via fax. It’s not possible to cancel through the website or customer service.

Here’s the message you should use to cancel membership:

"To whomever it may concern,

I would like to cancel my Academic Singles contract immediately. Upon cancelation, I’d like to receive a confirmation stating that my subscription has been cancelled, and the date and time that cancellation is effective.

Please kindly send the confirmation to me via email at

My ID: xxx

Kind regards,

[your name]”

Send it to them by fax or mail and you’re good to go!

Here’s their contact info:

Academic Singles UK S.à.r.l.
291, Route d'Arlon

1150 Luxembourg

Fax: +41 434302215

Don’t forget that in order for Academic Singles to know which membership to cancel, you need to use the email and ID that’s linked with your Academic Singles account.

4.3 Design and Feel of Academic Singles

Academic Singes’ uses a platform which is both modern and professional. Their platform is clean, sleek, and quite easy to navigate. We had quite the pleasant experience!

Conclusion Customer Service on Academic Singles UK:
Academic Singles is lacking in areas of customer service, but the platform itself is quite easy to use and does what it’s supposed to. There’s room for improvement but we have no major complaints!

5. Value-for-Money Ratio

5.1 Academic Singles Prices

Academic Singles is best used with a premium membership. This is because the messaging feature is available only to subscribed members, and meeting other academic singles without being able to communicate is virtually impossible. Like on other dating websites, having a free membership is really only for getting a feel for a site and its functions. After getting a feel for Academic Singles through their free membership, the only thing left to do is to get a paid membership. This is understandable, as we all need to make money somehow! But does the price that Academic Singles charge worth the services that they offer?

Why should you pay for a membership on Academic Singles?

Communicating with other members is only possible as a premium member.

Having a Premium membership allows you to…

  • Send and receive messages
  • View which members have checked out your profile
  • See photos of suggested partners
  • Add members to your personal favorites list

How much will Academic Singles cost UK users?

  • £92,97 for 3 month subscription (£30,99/month)
  • £113,94 for 6 month subscription (£18,99/month)
  • £42,99 for 1 month subscription

Conclusion Value for Money on Academic Singles UK:

The prices may seem high, but they are a reflection of the quality services you receive after payment. The features are of quality and the members are elite, educated, sexy professionals – you absolutely cannot go wrong! Not to mention the extraordinary results we had during the contact test. Overall, Academic Singles UK is definitely worth the money. 

Prices for Academic Singles

3 months (price per month) 30.99 £ Try out for free
6 months (price per month) 18.99 £ Try out for free
1 month 42.99 £ Try out for free

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