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Dating-Experts is always happy to hear from journalists looking to better inform the online dating customer, or pursuing other online dating topics. We have a wealth of data and expertise at our disposal to assist in any story relevant to online dating and are always available for quotes or data requests. We specialise in providing local insights for regions where people are unsure about which dating service can deliver good numbers of local singles. - Interested? - then give George a call:

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1. August 2014:

Dating-experts launches its local dating comparison service.

Online dating specialist has established a new service that helps singles find the best dating websites for their local area

Dating-Experts has been set up to address the problem faced by many people living outside big cities who find it hard to know which online dating services are most suitable and popular in their locality. Dating-experts provides:

·         Local scoring of major brands for regions and towns right across the UK. See example:

·         Straight talking advice about how online dating works at a local level.

·         Guidance on how to do local research on dating websites, before you buy.

A unique local perspective

UK manager for dating-experts, George Sanders, explains the benefits of the new service: ”There are lots of different online dating services for people to choose from in theory, but if you don’t live in a major city, this choice is somewhat hollow. The reason is that only a handful of sites are likely to have enough local members to make it worthwhile you subscribing. So for many people living in smaller places the right choice is all about trying to find out which service is most popular in their area. This information is surprisingly difficult to get at and many people only really find out once they have subscribed or even paid for a service.”

“This is the gap in the market that dating-experts wishes to fill. Dating-experts has analysed the major dating brands in the UK, calculating total membership numbers and regional spread as well as collecting ad hoc information from site checks and local feedback. The result is a constantly growing resource of locally specific recommendations that will save people in the regions from wasting their time and money on services that don’t deliver….”

Dating expertise

Dating-experts has been set up by a team of specialists, all with many years’ experience working in the online dating industry. Experience which enables them to deliver key insights and informed advice to the consumer;  not only making specific site recommendations but also publishing a range of advice on how to research and use dating sites effectively.

“The issue of ‘critical mass’ (no of active users on a site) is a very important one for the consumer, especially at a local level. New players seek to achieve it and some old brands struggle to hang on to it. Without adequate membership numbers a site quickly becomes redundant. No surprise then that dating firms are not always eager to share their local numbers. At the moment we have to use our own calculations and research to collate local scores for even the biggest UK brands.”

*Offer to local press from dating-experts

Dating-experts is always updating its local scoring and looking to learn more about the online dating situation in specific localities in the UK. For those interested, we can offer localized articles looking at the ‘dating scene’ in your town or county. This will include spot checks on all our major brands to see how well they cover your community and analysis of search trends in the area. The results will be a list of top recommendations as well as some generalized advice about how people can discover for themselves how well a site works locally.