Local Dating Survey

Find out which dating website is best in your local area?

Local dating is what most people want. However, it can be very hard to discover which dating sites serve a particular town, city or region best. Dating sites rarely share information on a local level with their customers. It is part of Dating-Experts' core mission to collect and share better information on this topic so that there is greater transparency in terms of who is online where. We need your help to do this. Find out which sites people in your area like best and help us gather more info, by filling out our survey and seeing the results so far at the end.

Fill out our short questionnaire and view the results of our survey so far.....

Local dating means different things to different people. Some people think of their locality or a region, others are only interested in meeting singles in the same city as them. What is clear is that to serve their customers well, local dating sites need to have good numbers of people throughout area. This is something that dating sites have very little control of and unsurprisingly are quite reluctant to share information about. At best a site will share National membership numbers. But for local dating this is not enough. What is required is indicators of active members within a local area. Dating-Experts strives to rate sites for the UK regions against a number of local indicators, of which this survey will be one.