Sex apps 2015

sex apps 2015

Sex apps 2015

Since publishing our recommendations for top dating apps in 2015 we have received some requests from readers seeking recommendations specifically for sex apps. Ever happy to oblige, here at Dating-Experts we put our heads together and selected some of the apps currently on the market that service the naughtier end of the industry best.

Obviously the sexiness of your casual hook up hangs very largely on the expectations and interests of the people you meet and many main-stream dating apps support sex dating. Apps that are a bit more specialized can have their advantages, however. Apps that are specifically focused on sex dating often come with higher levels of anonymity, don’t require facebook accounts and usually attract people who are less likely to ‘welch’ at the end of a date.

Sometimes what you may be looking for is a mix of normal and sex apps; a portfolio if you like. This way you can spread your bets and find out for yourself which of the apps might service your needs best. Given that many of them are free, at least as far as registration, you have little to lose (bar time admittedly) with such an approach.

To give you an idea of where to start, here are our tops tips for sex apps and ‘sexy’ normal apps.

Zoosk is a mainstream site, but one that can be used in a very causal way. It’s high membership numbers and trouble-free matching system make it one of the easiest places to find people who you share your interests. There is a lot of potential for casual fun on the site, it’s well used, and you can use the service for free – there’s no good reason not to try Zoosk.

Flirtfinder is a popular UK app which focuses on the sex dating side of the market. It’s very easy to use and offers higher levels of anonymity than much of the competition.

Lovoo offers a fun and fresh environment to flirt and get to know potential dates. Its young hip feel ensure that its always a pleasure to use – and again, comes totally free of charge for all but the most advanced features.

There are many other options out there of course, but join one or more of the three above and we feel that you will be getting the best of the sex app market. But don’t take our word for it. The only way to be sure if a service is right for you is to register and see how many suitable people you can see on the site. You can usually get a fair idea in about five minutes and then decide if you want to commit further, whether the dating app is asking you for more time or money.

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