Easter Date

Easter Date

Revive your lovelife this Easter with an Easter Date

The Easter long weekender can be a great opportunity for a mini-break, but this year the weather is leading many of us to cancel our plans and stay in town. So what else to do? Easter dating of course! Instead of moping at home, enter into the spirit of Easter renewal and meet some fresh faces.

You can be sure that you’re not the only single out there who hasn’t sorted out any plans yet and is suddenly realizing there are four empty days ahead, with half their friends away visiting family and the other half flying off on romantic breaks. Using the right online dating site you can quickly save your Easter from dullness and get in touch with some of them.

Some guidelines for Easter dating:

  1. Do: Take a Cadburys cream egg and present it to your date when you meet, wishing him/her a Happy Easter. It’s a corny but nice touch. (Note: anything more substantial is a no go – take along a big Easter bunny with ribbons and you’ll look like a fool).
  2. Don’t: get your hopes up for finding especially fulfilling date ideas. Easter is dead time and you’d be better off saving yourself the worry and settling for a pub date.
  3. Do: Hurry up. Easter is hours away and you haven’t sorted anything out yet!
  4. Don’t: be too choosy. You’ve got four days to kill. Be generous with your time…
  5. Don’t: Moan about the fact that you’re really board this Easter and all your attached friends are off on romantic breaks in sunny locations.
  6. Do: Talk about how great it is to meet new people during Easter and what fun it is to use the opportunity in this way.

Follow these six simple rules and fill this Easter with some excitement! Where to find the perfect Easter date? Well you’ve got to be quick so we’d recommend you skip straight to the hook up sites… Click here for our top recommendations

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