Meet a Cougar

Cougar on the prowl

On the prowl to meet a Cougar. - Where should a young cub be at?

Why meet up with a Cougar? Well, as a general rule, older cats know what they want and are less embarrassed and less undecided about pursuing it. For many men this makes older women the ideal online encounter and so called 'Cougar dating' is getting more and more popular with both sexes. Rather than chancing your luck out in the field, online is absolutely the best way to meet the right Cougars, for fairly clear cut reasons.  

Not least annonymity. Many people who want to meet a Cougar would rather do so outside of their normal social life and, for both the Cougar ladies and cubs, there is often a strong instinct for anonymity within such get-togethers.

Where to Meet a Cougar?

Any dating site offers you the potential to adjust the age settings of your search and target older women. So in theory you can meet a Cougar on nearly all dating websites. However, there is a lot to be said for using sites that have a particularly good reputation for Cougar introductions or indeed brands that specifically cater for those looking to hook up with Cougars. Not least, this will help you to be sure that the women you are targeting are looking for the same thing.

Dating-Experts has put together top and up to date recommendations for Cougar dating sites that you can view here.  This is the way to be sure that you are on a site that serves this specific requirement well.

What to do when you meet a Cougar

Once you have signed up for such a site and are lined up with a date, you need to prepare yourself for a slightly different encounter than if you were meeting up with someone of your own age. Older women can be both more understanding, but also more demanding. As a cub, the younger party needs to demonstrate that they have the maturity to deal with an adult night out (in all senses of the term) and that they are not going to be an embarrassment to hang out with.

When you meet your Cougar, you can be a little more challenging and confrontational than perhaps you’d be if you were with a contemporary. If a women is experienced she should be able to handle a few jibes and it will show her you are no sapling that she can push around.

Meeting a cougar who will stay with you forever

Cougar dating doesn’t have to be casual and many successful long term relationships are Cougar in nature. Older women are much more likely to be capable of offering the stability and commitment required to make something work for the long haul and, for those capable of similar commitment, such a relationships really can work well.

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