snapchat dating
Snapchat has been around some time now, but interest in the app - where your passing thoughts or urges are not recorded forever - continues to grow. Dating and flirting with snapchat has always been popular with those who use it. It doesn’t take long to see the advantages of chatting to dates on snapchat versus other instant messaging sites... + read more
Cougar on the prowl
On the prowl to meet a Cougar. - Where should a young cub be at? Why meet up with a Cougar? Well, as a general rule, older cats know what they want and are less embarrassed and less undecided about pursuing it. For many men this makes older women the ideal online encounter and so called 'Cougar dating' is getting more and more popular... + read more
Easter Date
Revive your lovelife this Easter with an Easter Date The Easter long weekender can be a great opportunity for a mini-break, but this year the weather is leading many of us to cancel our plans and stay in town. So what else to do? Easter dating of course! Instead of moping at home, enter into the spirit of Easter renewal and meet some fresh faces... + read more
Mr Right
5 Top Tips for Attracting Mr Right and staying safe online Guest Post by Strictly Dating Recent research claims that as many as 200,000 UK singles have had their hearts broken by dating scams. Here’s our tips for attracting Mr Right while defending yourself from Mr Wrong. Research Whatever your dating goals – from finding... + read more
sex apps 2015
Sex apps 2015 Since publishing our recommendations for top dating apps in 2015 we have received some requests from readers seeking recommendations specifically for sex apps. Ever happy to oblige, here at Dating-Experts we put our heads together and selected some of the apps currently on the market that service the naughtier end of the industry... + read more