50 shades movie date

50 Sahdes Date

The 50 shades movie might well spark some renewed interest in the topic of S&M from members of the general public. Perhaps some might be tempted to experiment a little after seeing the new blockbuster and try their hand at their own 50 shades style date. However, for the singles amongst them, the question will be where to turn for a ‘safe’ place to experiment.

It’s one thing if you’re in a couple. To experiment is easy; you can even order any toys or props online. However, if you’re a single and you want to get a date with someone who has 50 shades of grey style interests, it could be a pretty difficult and embarrassing challenge. Not all of us are going to be lucky enough to meet a S&M enthusiast with his own dungeon in the day to day course of our office lives (as in 50 shades)

There is virtually nothing mainstream in the online dating world that caters specifically for S&M hook ups and most punters are likely to want to steer well shy of the real niche sites where these communities are active. So what remains for the curious singleton?

Well there are some casual hook-up sites out there that have S&M preferences within their product. Some even seem to be branding themselves a little in the 50 shades direction. This means that their customers can express an interest in this area when they register or fill in their profile and can search for other members who are interested in the same thing. As such some niche communities do spring up within more mainstream sites. We cannot be sure how active or numerous such communities are, but our sources suggest that interest for S&M within more casual sites tends to be around 10% - when customers are given the choice to state this as a preference.

So where should you go? Well out top recommendation for this area is C-date. The casual hook up site looks a bit 50 shades and does have S&M preferences in its profile options. BeNaughty might also be worth a look.

Image courtesy of adamr/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net