Coining the Nickname

How to chat up a girl online

How to chat up a girl online part 3 – the Nickname

Once you have broken the ice with a girl online you need to move yourself into the zone of friendly chat as soon as you can. This is a phase where you are chatting to the girl intimately and casually as if she were an old friend. A nickname is a great short cut to the level of intimacy that you are looking for. Through looking at the profile pictures or in reaction to the initial challenge statements there should be some sort of hook into a cheeky nickname that you can invent and introduce into the conversation. When you see that opportunity, grab it and use it!

Dating expert Daniel Urban* specializes in coaching men on how to chat up girls online. He sees the nickname as a key ingredient to a successful flirt online. Words tend to be good anchors. By giving someone a nickname, you are providing an anchor for all future conversation! A woman with beautiful pale skin could be “Snow White”. A guy dressed all in black could be „Darth Vader“.The main goal is to trigger an emotional reaction. This will help set you apart and to showcase your creativity.”

How to choose a nickname

First of all, don’t force it. One of the most important rules of chatting up women onoline is to be natural and be yourself. If you can’t immediately think of a funny nickname then you don’t need to spend hours trying to think of one. However, often you will find that a new contact online will emerge in your head with a certain character. This is especially true if you are engaging your new contact with cheeky questions and challenging statements.

Perhaps the easiest form of nickname comes from a coining a style of behaviour. Any behaviour online can be commented on and converted into an anchor text. So even things like the length of time between messages or the amount written can be developed. For example, if she writes loads then “Chatty”; if she uses big words then “Wordy”; if she takes ages to reply then “tease”. – you get the idea.

Don’t overuse your new toy

One word of caution. Don’t overdo your use of a nickname. This is just a device aimed at making a connection and pushing for a first date. After that, it’s probably best dropped. If you overuse a nickname it will make you seem a bit repetitive and tedious. So use it to make your early conversations intimate, but then once you have that first date it’s probably best to move on – unless it’s a really great nickname of course!

*Daniel Urban is a German based dating coach, you can read more about him on our german sister site here  

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