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Friends Reunited

Friends reunited once was the dominant force for getting together with others online. First to market, if you were involved with social media when it first became a phenomena, you would have had an account with friends reunited. The whole idea came about when the founders realised that many people were very curious about the those they had gone to school with. They wanted to know what had become of them, and had a desire to get back in touch and find out. So friends reunited took off and, for what now seems like a brief period, was wildly popular. Most of all the service became so popular because it tapped into its members' repressed longings for the classmates they had fancied, but never quite made it with. Friends reunited became the number 1 service for rekindling old flames.

Friends Reunited Dating

And then along came Facebook and it quickly became clear that Friends Reunited was doomed to become nothing but a nostalgic memory from the early days of online dating. Today, Friends Reunited Dating has popped up to fill the void. This is a totally separate service with a similar name that actually has nothing to do with the original company. However, if you search for friends reunited today this is more than likely the service you will find. Friends Reunited Dating comes recommended by dating-experts and you can read a full review on this site to find out why. Friends Reunited Dating is run by the very well established dating company Cupid. They also run other services such as the Uniform Dating.

So now the original service Friends Reunited exists as little more than a brand name, piggybacked by another firm. The site is still live and if you login today you will find some of your old classmates created profiles several years ago, some of them feature the odd bit of out of date information. Friends Reunited could never have survived when confronted with a service like Facebook that really served the same function, but did so much else as well. Not least Facebook had something to offer to those who didn’t want to get back in touch with their old school friends!

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Friends Reunited Dating / Review

Friends Reunited Dating is new to market and showing signs of becoming a real success. You might well wish to get in early with this hip revival of an old classic. It's smooth, well presented and just could be dating's next big thing.


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