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There is a natural fit between the traditional processes of arranged marriages within the Muslim community and the possibilities of searching for a long term life partner using an online matchmaker. Increasingly single Muslims in the UK and elsewhere are reaping the benefits of the new technology to take control of their own search for love, rather than having their search parameters restricted to within their family or community circles.

Sites like are witnessing a surge in popularity as online dating starts to gain real traction within Muslim communities. The site was set up and is run by Muslims and provides a genuine niche service to this group, with a sensitive and marriage orientated service for the community.

The growth of online is especially empowering for women within the Single Muslim community who can be most at the mercy of their parents decisions, especially when they are younger. The fact that most of the success stories featured on the SingleMuslim youtube channel are couples who are a little bit older, suggests that perhaps it is still the older groups who are able and willing to use such a service.

Nonetheless, the single Muslim community remains a very exciting one for dating entrepreneurs who can see the growth potential in this newly emerging market. Rates of Muslim participation in online dating services remain substantially below that of more secular groups in the UK, and as such remain an exciting prospect for services looking to expand their business into new markets.

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