Oasis Dating - Review

Type of dating site: 
Price range: 
Target group: 
30 to 40s
Time to register: 
1-5 Minutes
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Oasisdating is a well used service offering both good coverage outside of major urban centres in the UK as well as a substantial communities of some minority ethnic and religious groups within the big cites.
User in country: 
540 000
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Oasisdating offers no-nonsense dating with access to a broad range of different types of matches and good coverage of most of the UK. It is a very ordinary looking dating site but does offer its members variety, flexibility and good search functions. The registration process is straightforward, there is no elaborate matching algorithm and you can find local matches fairly easily.
The site is well used by people outside of the big urban centres and also by minority groups. It allows extensive search by ethnicity and/or religion. Asian, African and Christian groups are particularly well represented.  
One nice and unusual feature is that as you register you can choose what type of date you are looking for. Options include, Relationship, Friendship or Casual Dating. Often such choices involve signing on with different dating sites and its nice to be able to access a variety of different types of date within one login.
Oasisdating’s other unusual advantage is that while it is not a free service, neither is it a subscription service. All payments are one-off transactions and there will be no automatic renewal at the end of your first bill (unlike most of the major paid for dating services online that have auto-renewal as standard)
Oasisdating is part of and international group of dating sites based in Sydney, Australia under a group called 3H Group Pty Ltd.
One thing you should not expect from Oasisdating is quality design or a pleasant user interface. The design input into this site's development is bare-minimum and while the site is simple enough that it is still easy to use, there is little pleasure to be gained from navigating the site. More annoyingly, there are adverts for other dating sites everywhere in the member area, which is very distracting.
Oasis dating has a nice balance of information on its site. It doesn’t take very long to register, and yet most profiles have a good amount of information on them, with members taking the time to describe themselves in their own words and often loading more than one picture onto their profile.
There is a lot that you can do for free on Oasisdating, including sending a pre-scripted contact request. However, to send a message in your own words, you need to pay for ‘Gold Membership’. This starts at £16.45 and, as previously mentioned, has the considerable attraction of not being a subscription service. The payment will not renew and you will not have to go through the trouble of cancelling the service.
Customer Service assistance is available via email template only.

Tab function sets


Large selection of local matches
Well filled out profiles
Works well provincial communities and specialist urban groups
Non-subcription based payment model


Poor design with lots of distracting advertisements for other dating websites
Limited appeal for executive groups.

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