How online discounts work

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Online Discounts

Dating sites routinely make offers and discounts to their non-paying customers in the hope of enticing them to subscribe to their full or ‘premium’ services. Nearly everybody will be familiar with such offers, but not many people know the details of how they work. If your considering subscribing to any service online, it’s worth finding out a little more as it could save you substantial amounts of money.

Types of discount

Mostly, firms that you are registered with will make you aware of their latest online discounts via e-mail. E-mail ‘cycles’ come in three basic forms: Customer Lifecycle, Calendar and One offs. It’s worth understanding these and what you can expect from them:

Customer Lifecycle online discounts

The most common form of discount scheduling, and the easiest to benefit from, is customer lifecycle. Lifecycle offers are triggered by the time elapsed after a customer registers and as general rule, just as in any negotiation, the longer you hold out, the better that offer gets. For example, there are several dating companies that seem to offer their non-paying new registrants big reductions after about 2 weeks of being a member. Reductions that, if you know about them, you might well decide to wait for. Dating-experts endeavours to publish up to date information on current lifecycle offers on the brands we review. View the latest offers here.

Calender online discounts

Many e-mailed offers are auto scheduled based on nothing but the time of year or annual events. So, if there is a big event approaching that is relevant to dating, it might well prompt a special offer from your provider. For example, you would expect events such as Valentines, international woman’s day or New Years to come with am online discount of some sort. You may also find that the service you are with does routine seasonal offering as well (Get your Spring offer now…).

One Off online discounts

Is the company about to celebrate a big birthday or reach a big round number of total customers (eg: Our 1millionth customer)? Business milestones often come with celebratory online discount. So if you really want to box clever, you could keep your eye out for these too.

Online services like dating come and virtually no production cost to the provider. Their pricing is set mainly on what you are prepared to pay, not what it costs them to run the service. So, you can expect to see big discounts on the original starting price if you’re prepared to wait. Money is not everything, and we don’t want you to wait forever, but if a romantic event is approaching or you can see from our special offers page that you may be about to receive an online discount offer, then its probably worth a few days delay.

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