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Probably the best place to find local porn on the internet. This site offers regional search so that you really can see local amateurs in action.

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Our recommendation for more success

Skip straight to the good stuff and purchase a small amount of coins on your first visit. This way you will really get to see what the service has to offer you and can make an informed choice whether to stick with it. Hesitating as a free member is a waste of time on this site.

About My Dirty Hobbie

My Dirty Hobbie is a porn sharing portal where amateurs can upload their own pictures and videos and get a cut of the profits if punters pay to see them. It’s a service that is very well established on the continent and is now starting to really take hold in the UK as well. It offers porn with a personal touch. Not only can you view porn made in your local area, you can also get chatting with the girls or couples who made it.

The site is pretty entertaining and has a lot of different types of content posted within it. Once you have found a girl or couple you like, you can really get to know them, viewing all their content, marking as a favourite so that you are automatically updated about all their new posts and even getting into message exchange with them, perhaps suggesting new ideas for their next videos.

On the flip side, another really great feature is the sites international search function. This allows you to search for porn from all over the globe, right from the United Sates to the smallest canton in Switzerland. This is a really enjoyable feature.

My dirty Hobbie is run out of Cyprus by a company called Colbette II Limited and was set up in 2006. It provides services to many different countries throughout the Western world, including Germany and the US.

Registration is very quick and simple and really requires nothing more than an e-mail and the most basic information about your location and age etc.

There’s not that much you can do for free on the site. To view any real action you have to buy ‘dirty coins’, but you can do enough to get a good idea of what the site is about and view full and interesting profiles, including semi-nude pics. Getting access to some of these dirty coins is not overly prohibitive with the basic entry price coming in at £25.

Prices for My Dirty Hobbie

2500 dirty coins 25.00 £ -

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My Dirty Hobbie at a glance.


Great if you like porn, but want something more personal

Enjoyable format with local and international searches

Real amateur action


Not always so many women in any particular area.

Not all the girls on My Naughty Habit are supermodels fallen on hard times.

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