Best dating site
Which is the best dating site by member numbers? In the dating industry one of the key factors that determines whether a dating service is going to be a) successful and b) useful for its members, is the number of singles who are actively using it. To a large extend, the best dating site is the site with most singles on it, or at least most... + read more
Local Dating
How to find out if a local dating site has enough members in your area? Wherever you live in the UK, the chances are that there are a large number of singles within a reasonably close distance of you. This is obvious. But if you’re hoping to get in touch with them, then the crucial question is which local dating site are they all using... + read more
slow sex
Taking it easy with a summer of slow sex. Slow sex is the talk of the internet this summer, with a great flurry of chatter on how slowing down your lovemaking can lead to more intimate and successful coupling. The idea came from across the pond, where Americans have been attending workshops to help them slow down their sex and watching lots of... + read more
How to date online
How to date online effectively Making decisions about our love lives is never easy. When you are online dating you are required to make decisions about who to pursue and who to let go, all the time. These decisions are potentially life changing and the pressure of making choices amongst lots of possibilities can get stressful. That’s why... + read more
sexy offer
Online Discounts Dating sites routinely make offers and discounts to their non-paying customers in the hope of enticing them to subscribe to their full or ‘premium’ services. Nearly everybody will be familiar with such offers, but not many people know the details of how they work. If your considering subscribing to any service... + read more