50 sex scenes
Fifty Shades of Grey: the most popular sex scenes On Friday, 13/02/2015 it will finally arrive: the long-awaited film adaptation of the bestseller "Fifty Shades of Grey". We asked 22,853 men and women about their preferred sex scenes from the movie. Which one of the 6 hottest scenes they would like to... + read more
50 Sahdes Date
The 50 shades movie might well spark some renewed interest in the topic of S&M from members of the general public. Perhaps some might be tempted to experiment a little after seeing the new blockbuster and try their hand at their own 50 shades style date. However, for the singles amongst them, the question will be where to turn for a ‘... + read more
Christmas Sex
Why singles should not stop dating over Christmas. There is nothing wrong with having sex or pursuing sex at Christmas. Granted, we should spare the odd moment for matters spiritual or familial, but there is no reason why singles should take a break from trying to hook up during the festive season. In fact, it is illogical to do so, when... + read more
Christmas Love
Christmas Love Christmas is a time of giving and, for many singles, grieving. Another year on the shelf, another opportunity to spend time with your better established relatives, complete with loving relationships and boisterous children. The sense of desperation only accentuated by the sheer lack of anything to do in the Christmas week - bar... + read more
Love Machine
Chimps v. Computers. Who is better at finding true love? “I saw him across the room and I knew that he was the man I wanted to marry and have children with” reported my former colleague and happily married mother of one when I saw her again the other day. Would that it were like this for all of us! And how powerful it is to know... + read more