How to chat up a girl online
How to chat up a girl online part 3 – the Nickname Once you have broken the ice with a girl online you need to move yourself into the zone of friendly chat as soon as you can. This is a phase where you are chatting to the girl intimately and casually as if she were an old friend. A nickname is a great short cut to the level of intimacy... + read more
how to chat up a girl online
How to chat up a girl online Part 2. – open with a challenge.  Starting a conversation online with a total stranger is not always an easy thing to do. Very often when you’re trying to chat up a girl online you have very little to go on beyond a picture or two from their profile. You don’t want to start asking... + read more
Defining your Perfect Partners Dating online can be confusing! All the different people and all that opportunity – it can be tough for a singleton to keep their head and make the right choices. Sometimes online dating users just don’t know who to choose and end up spending too much time chatting to the wrong people. Such feelings... + read more
How to chat up a girl online
How to chat up a girl online Part 1. – the right attitude Just like chatting up a girl at a party, chatting up a girl online is all about setting the right tone, the correct ambiance. This really has to come from within. Before you approach a girl, you need to ensure you’re in the right place mentally and projecting the right... + read more
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Highly Effective Internet Dating... The 7 habits of highly effective people is a self-help bible that huge numbers of people the world over have read and profited from. The 7 habits can be applied to all areas of life, including of course, internet dating. Here is the dating-experts synopsis of what 7 habits has to tell us about how to do... + read more