Football Girls

Find the Right Football girl with the right local dating service.

Forget the boys, there’s no better way to enjoy a good game of football than with the right girl to help you cheer your side along. To find her you’re going to need the best dating service for your local area. This is where dating-experts can help. We have listed all the dating services that serve every region of the UK best so that you can find the right local girl to cheer on your team.

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Product Summary: Lovoo is one of the best places to meet singles for casual hook ups and fun dates. It’s very easy to find other singles who are close by and get chatting and flirting with them. It is available on mobile or desktop.

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Product Summary: A popular app in the UK for flirting and chatting. Has a slightly more racey feel and higher levels of anonymity than many of its competitors.

Get girls involved in your football life.

Traditionally football has not been seen as something that men and women can enjoy together. Even today, there are many men who are inclined to ‘leave the wife at home’ when they go off to enjoy their favourite past time. However, this is a big waste of a great dating opportunity. A shared passion, such as football, is just what a girl and a boy need to create an exciting and enjoyable occasion together.

A football date is a great way to get to know the right girl

Not every girl likes football and of course, if your new date doesn’t like the game at all, then it would be more considerate if you took her out for a nice meal. However, with girls who like football (or at least who are prepared to pretend they like it for the requisite 90 minutes) there’s no more fun way to get to know each other. It doesn’t really matter whether your new girl likes the same team as you or not. In fact, if you’re supporting different sides, it can be even more fun, potentially creating a nice frisson of sexual tension as you taunt each other through the match.

Football girls. Choose your moment

When the match reaches a climax or your team scores a goal, it’s a great excuse to express your excitement with a little show of affection. Just make sure your arm is already strategically positioned to exploit the moment when it arrives. Gently hung around her waist is perfect. This way, when the ball hits the back of the net, you can easily give her a little hug. Check this guy out:

Post-match analysis with the right football girl

Once the game’s over and you’re strolling home arm in arm, you can enjoy a pleasant chat about the run of the match. If your side has lost, maybe she’ll feel compassionate and wish to console you. If you’ve won, it’s a great excuse to celebrate together. And if the game was a nil nil draw and the dullest 90 minutes of your life, well then at least you can talk about what a rubbish game it was….

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