Find the right local dating site

Dating is a numbers game and to maximize your dating opportunities you need to find a website that has a large number of customers in your region. Dating-experts offers insights into which providers have the best coverage across the UK so that you can chose a service that is likely to have large numbers of in your locality. Here are our top recommendations.

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Product Summary: We’re excited to say it doesn’t take long to get to know smart, sexy, professional singles on Academic Singles. Despite a minor usability issue, Academic Singles, with their great set of features and match suggestions, will find you that perfect special someone. Hands... (read more)

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Product Summary: eharmony is a well known brand and market leader in computer based matchmaking. It delivers a really quality service to its clients and is one of the most visually attractive sites on the internet.

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Product Summary: Parship is a personality focused matchmaking service for people looking for long term love. It offers one of the most thorough and effective personality matching services on the market.

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Product Summary: A service for those who want their personal lives to catch up with their professional success and believe in the power of algorithm based matching to deliver suitable partner recommendations, Elite Singles delivers high quality matching. Branded to be a self-selecting... (read more)

Dating - How to do it well

Dating has shifted massively within the last decade to become a principally online phenomena in the Western World. It is a transformative process that however much hacks write about it and friends discuss it, can barely be comprehended in the magnitude of its impact. After all, dating is life: The vast majority of us regard dating, love and romance as the top priority in our lives.
You might say that not all dating starts online, but how much dating, how many new contacts do we initially make online these days? An awful lot is the answer. If you include facebook, twitter and other social media, then we are rapidly heading for a lifestyle where the majority of our social interactions start online. Indeed, if you want to get semantic about the issue, dating is really about more than romance. Most of us are continuously arranging dates of all sorts online; wtih friends, acquaintances or potential lovers.

Dating is a numbers game

Online dating is a numbers game. People who pursue it with determination quickly realise that to make the most of these new dating methods, they have to get more out of the process than romance alone. This is because most dating experiences do not end in an embrace with your future wife of husband. The serial dater knows that what you end up with most times is just a new acquaintance.

Dating is for friendship – not just romance

New acquaintances are, however, very useful. And here at dating-experts, we believe that this is the golden key to dating success: Take the platonic dating gains. If you are transfixed on the concept of your ideal love, you are doomed for disappointment on the vast majority of your dates. If you look at dating as an opportunity to meet new people, expand your list of contacts, and have fun, while at the same time also increasing your chance of romantic success, you are on the right road for sustained improvement of opportunity – ever shortening the odds of meeting 'The One' by a disciplined program of dating.

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