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Find local women with the right dating site

Dating-experts can help you find the best dating site for your area. The site that will put you in touch with most local women. We have analysed all the major dating sites in the UK and worked out which ones have the greatest spread of members across different areas of the UK. Here are our overall winners for finding local women:

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Product Summary: We’re excited to say it doesn’t take long to get to know smart, sexy, professional singles on Academic Singles. Despite a minor usability issue, Academic Singles, with their great set of features and match suggestions, will find you that perfect special someone. Hands... (read more)

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Product Summary: eharmony is a well known brand and market leader in computer based matchmaking. It delivers a really quality service to its clients and is one of the most visually attractive sites on the internet.

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Product Summary: Parship is a personality focused matchmaking service for people looking for long term love. It offers one of the most thorough and effective personality matching services on the market.

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Product Summary: Are You Interested is perhaps the best known of the Facebook apps to hit the dating scene. A great place for causal hook ups and particularly easy to use due to its Facebook integration

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Product Summary: A service for those who want their personal lives to catch up with their professional success and believe in the power of algorithm based matching to deliver suitable partner recommendations, Elite Singles delivers high quality matching. Branded to be a self-selecting... (read more)

There are many factors that go into making a dating site perfect, but perhaps the most important one is simply how many local women of the right age that service has online in your area. If you live in a big city, this should not be a problem, but if you’re somewhere more remote, you really need to be careful in your selection of dating service. Some services just don’t have the coverage to deliver local women in the smaller places.

The sites listed above are there because we know that they have high levels of active local women right across the UK and therefore, chances are that, wherever you live you’ll find some suitable local women on these. We also have compiled lists and recommendations that are specific to different regions (though often for the smaller places the best sites are the same ones). You can see these below in our long list of local towns and counties.

How local your local women must be is up to you. Of course, if you do live somewhere really remote, then you’d be well advised to expand your expectations beyond the immediate Hamlet, but on the other side, you should not expect to have to travel too far. Even for the most remote areas of the UK, we would say a 50 mile search radius should be sufficient with a respectable dating service.

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